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It aint a tech party unless GETV is in da house September 18, 2006

Posted by irinaslutsky in People, Places.

Yay blog!

If LA wasn’t full of some of our favorite people, we’d never go there. Alas, Daniel McVicar of The McVlog lives and works in LA and Web 2.Ooh hottie Micki invited GETV to the Revver 1.0 launch party and Eddie found Kevo, an amazing celebrity-obsessed company based in LA, so really we had no choice. Plus, Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of JetSetShow and RSS News had moved from Brooklyn to LA and this fact sealed an already sealed deal of GETV’s trip to LA.

I’ve said before that part of the reason I started doing GETV interviews was because I never know what to do at parties and it’s so nice to have GETV as a reason to talk to ANYONE at the party! Even guests I didn’t expect, like Norman from the first Real World. (Without that show, we wouldn’t have Flavor of Love.)

We got the usual suspects like Revver co-founder Steven Starr, who is good friends with Bob Marley’s family and was the legend’s talent agent for years! Of course, fancy-pants and uber-hot AskANinja guys did not get away from my mic. I also introduced them to Consumating, so LA ladies watch out. But we got some funny-like-your-mamma’s-moustache newbies Invisible Engine guys — wait till you see the vaudeville “who’s on first” we did with one Slutsky, one mic and three young comedians joined at the brain.

So all these and so many more — including Cory Doctorow de Boing Boing (who quotes vain me in his next article in Information Week!) — will be upcoming episodes. I must say, for a 24-trip, it was worth all the hell of LAX and traffic on the 405. (did I say that right? is it 405? or the 110? I want to complain with correct details.)



1. Micki Krimmel - September 18, 2006

It was so great to have you guys! Come back soon.

2. Steve Woolf - September 19, 2006

We had a great time at the par-TAY and loved hanging out with you guys. November will be fun times… 🙂

3. Stacy Bergan - January 18, 2007

Google is the best search engine

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