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More GETV on Reinventing Television October 24, 2006

Posted by irinaslutsky in People.

The way way way LOUDER half of GETV (that’s me, Irina) will be on Jonny Goldstein’s Reinventing Television talk show this Thursday evening at 7pm, October 26.

Really, I’ll just be on for about 5 mins or so since (Jonny writes:) “Boston-based Brian Conley of Alive In Baghdad and (Baghdad phone service permitting) Baghdad -based Omar Abdullah, will be talking about their groundbreaking videoblog as guests this week. Come check it out and find out what goes into producing these weekly web videos which share heartbreaking and  informative footage from the streets, hospitals, and living rooms of Baghdad from an Iraqi point of view. As always, you will be able to text chat questions and comments and there will be an open phones segment.

In the last couple of months one of their correspondents was kidnapped, another arrested, and an assistant to a correspondent was allegedly shot by a US soldier. The AIB crew are giving their all to bring the world an Iraqi perspective on the current situation in Iraq, and  this is your chance to ask them how they do it, why they do it and what’s next.”

As Eddie said last week, you don’t need to go anywhere except your browser to play along. It’s a mash between video conferencing, phone party line, and powerpoint theater with a host (that’d be Jonny). Should be fun, jump in here Thursday at 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern.



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