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Show me what’s inside YOU! January 6, 2009

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Hey peeps, Irina here.  Just a quick reminder that I’m one of the judges for Intel’s “What’s Inside You” contest and the last day to submit is JANUARY 15th! Another internet video woman we know who is also a judge is Sarah Austin from Pop17, so you KNOW u wanna be judged by us cuz we’re sassy.

Intel has been a sponsor for events I’ve helped organize in the past (Vloggies, Winnies, Pixelodeon) and I’m happy to participate in their Intel Insider program…… especially when I can get fun stuff in the mail … like an Intel Core2Duo Mac Air! Heyy!

So, get it together and upload a video! Cuz that means YOU can get a computer or two in the mail like Irina did. For real.

Contest participants can submit an image, video and or audio file along with a brief written description to tell their story of how Intel’s processor technology helps unleash their creativity.  We’ll announce the winner on March 2, right before SXSW — where I’ll be driving around another Tech Cab Confessions taxi!

Official word from Intel: “Whether you are a budding fashion designer, photographer, graphic designer, animator, architect, short-film producer or just an aspiring ‘weekend warrior’ artist that makes the most of your processing power, tell us how Intel technology helps you be creative for the chance to win one of three new laptops. Not sure what to submit? Here are some ideas to get you started: digital photography, animation, and screenshots from an animation, digital artwork, a video of your creation or a design showing how you made the video (the behind the scenes video of your creation).”



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